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Grays Court Inn - York

Grays Court Inn - York

Grays Court Inn, York, England, United Kingdom

I was really excited to post this particular photo -- because there is a whale of a story to go along with it and I wanted to share it.  I still don't believe it myself, even though I was the one who experienced it.

We arrived in the UK Thursday morning, Jan 31st.  We did a bit of shopping to kill time in London, then headed up on the train to York in the early afternoon.  We were staying at a beautiful old Inn called Grays Court.  The entrance hall to the Inn dates back to 1000.  The walls are that old down there and there is even two original windows that date from that time.  The rest of the building is medieval and tudor.  It's old and gorgeous.

This photo is the Cumberland Suite where we stayed for two nights.  Thursday was entirely uneventful.  Friday night...well, I cannot explain what happened  but I will give the details.

First let me explain that I am a complete and utter skeptic and non-believer of anything without evidence.  And it has to be first-hand, or something my husband experienced.  He's about the only person I completely and utterly trust.   However, I am completely open minded, about everything.  In fact, I welcome evidence of anything supernatural.  But still I am mostly a skeptic to the core.  After Friday night, I have to say, I do put some things to question in all true honesty.

I was re-reading Memory, Sorrow and Thorn by Tad Williams and I was near the end, so I decided (since I was jet lagged anyway) to continue on and finish the book in one fell swoop to sort of relish the experience.  During this read into the extreme wee hours of the morning, I experienced some things in the room that went unexplained.

It started about midnight, or perhaps a bit later.  I heard a very loud scraping above, as if someone had drug furniture across the floor, or pushed a chest of drawers.  I thought absolutely nothing of it.  A bit later I heard some knocking.  Again, thought nothing of it.  There was a bit of wind outside and I began to hear some shutters slapping against the windows outside.  Again, I thought nothing of it at all.

About 30 minutes after the first sound of the furniture being dragged across the floor (and those other sounds all happened within that 30 minutes) I heard the furniture sound again.  Even this time, I thought absolutely nothing of it at all!  I thought there was a room above us and just went on about my reading.

Another 30 minutes passed by, and now it's a little passed 1 in the morning and again, I hear the furniture sound.  It's nearly the same sound each time.  Same tempo, same length.  Just sounds like someone dragging something across a wood floor.  

It happened again around 2 am, with more knocking sounds mixed between. I still really thought nothing of it. I was thinking that whoever was staying in the room above me was having a fit trying to move the furniture in their room around and why would someone do that? The rooms were quite well appointed. lol

About 2:45 in the morning the sound of the furniture scraping happened again, but this time so loud I thought it happened in my room right in front of me right past the edge of the bed.  I jerked in fright actually, and turned my iPad to shine light on the room (it was dark with no lights on in the room) and of course I saw absolutely nothing.

It never happened again.  I finished the book and went to sleep shortly after 3 in the morning, snuggling against my husband who was blissfully asleep the entire time.  I almost woke him up when the last one happened --- but never bothered because the sound would happen once, and not again.... so why bother waking him up to hear nothing? lol

Anyway the best bit was the next morning upon checkout.

At the desk, I ask the Innkeeper if there was room above the Cumberland Suite. That's all I said, I didn't give anything away.  She said no, it's just some attic space.   

I knew they had a conference going so the Inn was full so I asked if they were perhaps working late into the night and she said yes, indeed, they were and did they disturb you?  She said, "They were working quite late, everyone was out, though by 11pm."

I felt I could then tell her what happened and she looked absolutely delighted and interested and we had a bit of a laugh about it.   There are no shutters on the building.  Anywhere.  She went on to explain she has slept in the room before and heard knocking, but was delighted to hear the furniture dragging sounds and said that the owners would be pleased to hear it.  She said they've never had a naughty ghost yet, only nice ones.

We left it at that.  I don't know what I experienced.  But I didn't invent the sounds.  I could argue, like Ebenezer Scrooge, that it could have been a bit of bad gravy and should not trust my senses because "such a little thing affects them" and I agree.  But I don't normally have these kinds of experiences.  I don't invent sounds to have a bit of fun.  I certainly don't invent sounds to give myself a fright, either.

There very well may be a totally rational, normal explanation for what I experienced that night at that ancient Inn.  But I'm willing to offer that it cannot be explained as well.  

I also did not know at all, I swear, that York considers itself the most haunted city in all of England.  Who knows?!

©Jennifer Bailey, 2013 Grays Court Inn, York, England

©Jennifer Bailey, 2013 Grays Court Inn, York, England

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