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No Man's Sky - the Review

No Man's Sky - the Review

Slight game spoilers in images and review, but I'm not that far in the storyline, so not that much! 

So No Man's Sky is certainly ending up being a polarizing Title.  I heard about it ages ago, I cannot remember when but didn't follow it beyond watching Sean Murray, the lead designer, on Stephen Colbert.

Months pass.  I dialed down my own personal excitement, because I know better.  The hype was real, people were losing their minds.  But I've played survival/exploration games before, so perhaps I already knew what I was getting.

At any rate, this game is glorious!  I cannot stop playing it.  It ticks every OCD/dopamine box ten times over. I want to discover EVERY planet.  Being that there are 18 quintillion, give or take a few million, this goal is impossible, which of course, doesn't deter me from trying :)

I think to play a game like this you need a fundamental amount of personal patience.  It's not a combat oriented game, though there ARE pesky (and annoying) pirates.  I have learned how to avoid them.  There are mysterious and ubiquitous Sentinels on every planet in this particular universe. Sometimes they are hostile and most of the time they are not. We don't know why they are there, we don't know what they are doing.  My personal theory is that they have something to do with the Atlas, but I suppose I will find out!  Point being, this is a calm, relaxed exploration and survival game.  There is no real "action" other than Faster Than Light travel and perhaps running away (or killing) some aggressive local fauna.

Because there was so little revealed about this game, I think people just really have no idea how to handle their own personal expectations and filled in the gaps with their own hopes/desires instead of being sensible.

It isn't Hello Games' fault that people have emotional instabilities.

But of course those same exact people put the blame on Hello Games for not living up to their own imagined invention.  It's very immature, but what can you do.

I can understand some people who perhaps just learned of No Man's Sky recently and decided on a lark to test it out and end up not enjoying the style and type of gameplay.

But let's be real; how could you not love cresting a hill and finding an ancient temple like this.

But those people who followed it for months? Absolutely silly of them to build it up in their minds so much.  It just shows how incapable people are of handling their own expectations and emotions.  Such entitlement!

Sorry this review had to cover that ground, but it's the 800 lb elephant in the room right now.  People are *losing their minds* over this game, either hating it or loving it.  But now you know what I think about all those people deriding it because of their own deficiencies.

If you have never tried a survival/exploration game before - you MAY not like No Man's Sky.  It requires patience.  Organization.  Planning.  You don't get led along a path, you need some self-starting moxie.  It's not for everyone -- what game is?  But what it does give, it gives in nines.  I've played 25 hours in game so far (it has been out less than 72) and all I want to do is log back in and keep exploring.

I get to fly to Space Stations for crying out loud!

It has a beautiful minimalistic design.  The procedural generation of planets has rules so while I have seen a WILD diversity on the 5 systems I have been to (I like to explore each planet pretty thoroughly, so I haven't jumped to many systems yet) there are many similarities to some flora.  The fauna on the planets themselves seem to adhere to planetary rules - so while the animals on different planets are wildly different, sometimes on the same planet they look like cousins of each other.  Not always, but sometimes.  The minerals of course, always look the same.

All planets have one biome, which some people just freak out about and hate - but they explained the reason for this.  They want people jumping planet to planet.  If they were all as diverse as Earth, we'd never leave our starting planet.  I think it's a stroke of genius to be honest.  If you want a different biome, get in your spaceship!

I loved this ship I had - but had to trade up for a bigger model ;)

I loved this ship I had - but had to trade up for a bigger model ;)

Here is the thing; Sean Murray explained what this game was when he was on Stephen Colbert all those months ago.  It's designed and styled on old 1950's and 60's sci-fi novels.  It's fantastical.  It's not representative of OUR universe, but another one. 

I for one am loving every minute of it and I am excited to see what happens when you get to the center of this galaxy.  (Likely porting to another is my best guess!)

For me, this game is perfect. I will be playing for years.

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